About Us

Who we are?  The PIPVTR is an independent academic research institute and think-tank  duly registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission.  The institute aims to conduct rigorous research and investigative studies on the underlying factors or root causes of political violence and terrorism in the Philippines and abroad.  It also aims to study various responses to threats of political violence and terrorism in the Philippines and examines  the implications of these threats for local peace and development, national security, regional stabiliy and global order.
What do we do?  The PIPVTR establishes networks with likeminded institutions in the Philippines and abroad in order to exchange research findings, publications and experts.  Through its research outputs and activities, the institute intends to enrich  existing scholarly literature on political violence and terrorism.  More importantly, the PIPVTR intends to provide valuable inputs to policy-making in order to enable government to develop a more effective counter-terrorism response.  It also offers regular threat assessment reports and security briefings to private firms, foreign embassies and concerned non-governmental organizations on the topic.
Who are our members?  The PIPVTR is composed of independent scholars, academics, research analysts, government officials, military and police officers (retired and active) and investigative journalists. 
Who are our partners?  The PIPVTR has existing partnerships and linkages  with many likeminded institutions, among which are the following:
Center for Policing, Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism
Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of Trustees -                Prof. Rommel C. Banlaoi 
He served as a Professor of Political Science at the National Defense College of the Philipines (NDCP), Assistant Professor of International Studies at De La Salle University (DLSU) and Instructor in Political Science at the University of the Philippines (UP) at Los Banos.  He also became the Director for Research at the World Citi Colleges, a private univesity in the Philippines, member of the Board of Regents of the University of Eastern Pangasinan (UEP) and Director of the Mayor's Development Center of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines. He is currently a Senior Fellow at the Yuchengco Center of De La Salle University, Manila.  He authored various books and publications pertaining to terrorism, national security, and international relations.
Senior Fellows
  • BGen. Francisco N. Cruz, Jr.,
  • BGen. Nicolas D. Ojeda, Jr.
  • Ms. Charitie B. Joaquin
  • Ms. Dianne Junio
  • Ms. Ava Patricia
  • Ms. Mimi Fable
Visiting Research Fellow
  • Mr. Husairi Musa, Brunei  (June 2010)
  • Dr. Kumar Ramakrishna, Singapore (March 2011)
  • Mr. Thomas Samuel, Malaysia (March 2011)


Research Analysts
  • Mr. Noor Muog
  •  Mr. . Billy Rodriguez
Administrative Staff
  • Rowena Capudoy, Executive Assistant
PIPVTR welcomes Visiting Fellows from foreign countries to conduct research in the Philippines related to our Research Agenda.  Email Prof. Rommel C. Banlaoi at rbanlaoi@pipvtr.com to signify your interests.  It is understood that the Visiting Fellows will cover the cost of their research activities while in the Philippines.  PIPVTR does not provide travel and accommodation assistance to Visiting Fellows.