Research Agenda

The PIPVTR pursues the following research agenda:

1.  Gallery of Terrorist Threat Groups in the Philippines.  It aims to generate a compendium of composite sketches, file photographs and personality profiles of terrorists.

2.  Terrorism-Crime Nexus.  It examines the complex nexus between terror groups and organized crime groups.

3.  Human Rights and Counter Terrorism.  It evaluates the implications of counter terrorism for human rights protection.

4.  Media and Terrorism.  It studies how terrorist groups use media and how do the media cover terrorism events.

5.  Local Government and Terrorism.   It analyzes the innovation and excellence of  local governments in the fight against terrorism.

6. Civil Society and Terrorism.  It describes the role of civil society in terrorism and counter terrorism in the Philippines.

7.  Private  Business Sector and Terrorism.  It analyzes the impact of terrorism on business and how the business sector contributes to counter terrorism.

8.  Terrorism and Foreign Policy.  It examines the impact of terrorism on Philippine foreign policy and external relations.

9.  Terrorism and International Relations.  It analyzes the implications of terrorism for inter-state relations, particularly in the context of regional security and global order.

10.  Responses to Terrorist Threats.  It examines various responses to terrorist threats (local, national, regional, global, ideological, military,  legislative, etc) and their implications for human, national, regional and global security.

11.  Comprehensive Dialogue Program for Muslim Detainees in the Philippines